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Fun Science

Antimatter: Mirror of the Universe – Learn about antimatter from experts at Swiss-based ERN the largest particle physics lab in the world.  Start with Kid’s Corner.

CosmicQuest  Design your own space station and gather information about the solar system at theis Children’s Museum of Indianapolis site, where users can follow an international team of scientists to the North Magnetic Pole, access audio files, and find easy-to-do experiments.

c.o.o.l. classroom  (explore waters off NJ and predict beach and fishing conditions, help with a marine expedition, view the ocean from above or below the water, and examine careers in oceanography.

EEK! Environmental Education for Kids.  Wisconsin DNR hints, facts activities.

Periodic Table of Comic Books – Click an element to view comic book pages from history involving that element.  Also link to factual information.

Questacon  Online activities from the National Science and Technology Centre in Australia  (needs updated shockwave)

Windows to the Universe – Facts, activities, puzzles, history and more at this non-profit site.  Also available in Spanish