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Computer Class gr 6

Day 1:  Why use a research database?

Day 2: View the Rubric - see expectations for future presentation pages
  Create Slide #2
  •             Using Grolier Go!  from Scholastic
Note: Reading levels off to side
  •             Explore such items as:   New this month/ Our World/ Today in History/Find it Fast toolbar
  •                       Once a topic is selected then explore:  news stories/ fast facts/etc                              
  •             How to log on if not at school

Day 3: View the Rubric  
    Create Slide #3  
  • Using Research in Context- via MeL
Explore such items as: Scrolling topics at top of page

Cultures, Geography, etc at middle of page


Day 4: 
Create Slide #4  using Britannica BONUS: Image Quest (user name and password needed)

Day 5:
  • Copy and past Rubric onto 3 slides following the Citation page and give yourself a final grade for this project.
  • Go back and fix anything on any slide that does not meet the slide criteria for that day. 
  •  (see guidelines in Day 1 for each slide expectation)