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Author! Author! March 2017

You will be assigned an author to learn about.

If you are using the desk top computers in a lab or in the library :

Log into your station using your school log-in

Use CHROME as your browser

USE the REFERENCE TAB directly next to this tab to access all the following resources OR the student home page as we did in computer class.

Research in Context
Britannica Middle School
Fact Site
Grolier Go!

OR search from  Mel.org and  follow these steps:

      Teens/Homework Help/NEW RESOURCE: Research in Context

Type your author name in the search box.
Best choice when available would be : Authors and Artists for Young Adults

Go back to RESEARCH IN CONTEXT and if there is another interesting article that will help you to learn more about your author, scan it (or read if it is very short).

IF there is nothing else in RESEARCH IN CONTEXT, try going to 

Britannica School Middle - also on MeL 

Another source you may want to use is FactCite
Factcite can be found on the PNM Student homepage under resources

You will receive a Four Square Research Guide to help you extract information from the articles to be successful in your project.

Here are a couple of other places you could look for author information as well:

READING ROCKETS: Video interviewshttp://www.readingrockets.org/books/interviews#authorlist

You will be given choices as to how you will be presenting the information you learn about during your research.