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Evaluating Web Resources : CARRDSS or CARRDS

CARRDS evaluation tool for free online sources

C= Credibility
     Who is the author, what are his or her credentials?
A= Accuracy       Can facts, statistics or other information be verified through other sources?  Does this                                                        information seem accurate to you?
R= Reliability        Does the source present a particular view or bias?  Do you need to gather another view?
R= Relevance      Does this information support your thesis or help you to answer your question?
D= Date               When was this information created?  When was it revised?                                                                                            Are these dates meaningful in  terms of the  subject matter?
S= Sources          Did the author use credible sources?
S= Scope              Does this source address your thesis or question?   Is it a scholarly or popular item?

Other things to consider: What aspects of the author's background help me accomplish my goal?

Goals based evaluation of internet source

Finally- Can you defend your source on your Works Cited page?

Adapted, from a document developed by Joyce Kasman Valenza and Carol H. Rohrbach, K–12
Language Arts Coordinator, School District of Springfield Township, Erdenheim, PA.

Warlick, David. "Evaluating Internet-based Information: A Goals-based Approach." Landmarks for Schools. Ed. David Warlick. N.p., 1999. Web. 8 Dec. 2014. <http://landmark-project.com/evaluation/index.html>.